About Us: Elevating Edge Banding Excellence

Discover HOMEDEL, your premier destination for exceptional edge banding solutions. We stand out by crafting top-quality edge banding with a high PVC yield, setting us apart from competitors who use fillers. This commitment to purity guarantees unparalleled durability and value, all while maintaining competitive pricing.

What sets us apart is our dedication to controlling the entire process. Our in-house thermoplastic manufacturing facilities ensure that every product that bears the HOMEDEL name meets our stringent standards.

To showcase our confidence in our product, we invite you to experience it for yourself. Request a complimentary sample roll and witness the difference in texture, performance, and resilience.

Choose HOMEDEL as your trusted partner for edge banding that exemplifies quality without compromise. Our mission is simple: provide superior edge banding that elevates your projects and exceeds your expectations.